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Please plan to wear business casual attire and bring reading glasses if you require them.

The Assessment Process

Was your first reaction, "What, I have to see a psychologist as part of the job hiring process?"

We recognize that there is often some anxiety and confusion associated with being asked to see an Industrial Psychologist. Therefore, we start each assessment with an overview of the process with the candidate. The overview explains the steps in the process, the objectives for the day, and the potential benefits of the experience to the individual. Once these subjects are covered, most people relax and approach the assessment with some personal curiosity regarding what the results will tell them about themselves.

The process has three components that are described below.


The personal interview is perhaps the most important part of the assessment process in terms of understanding candidates on a personal level, and it focuses on their background, education and work history.


Most people experience some anxiety over the prospect of being tested and having their performance evaluated. To allay their concerns, we explain to participants that the assessment tests are not of the "pass-fail" variety. Participants take several tests, depending on the level and the nature of the position. These tests include personality measures, analytical tests (both timed and untimed) and self-evaluations.


It is our belief that each participant can benefit from the assessment process and can gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses. Toward that goal, we review the assessment results with each participant. We also review with the participant how he or she will be described to the company. We want participants to feel they will be described in a manner that is both fair and consistent with their self-views. Our experience has shown that the feedback session is a very positive experience for participants.

Reporting the Results

Results are provided to the company in two forms. First, a verbal report is given to the appropriate person within the company if there is a need for immediate information. This might occur, for example, if the results were needed for a quick decision concerning an offer of employment.

In all cases, a written report summarizing the results is mailed to the company. The reports focus on identifying those characteristics that could be considered assets or strengths for the individual, as well as identifying those areas that are in need of development. There are typically more assets than liabilities. Whether a particular characteristic is a strength or a liability is influenced by the demands of a particular position or the culture of a particular company. A characteristic that is an asset for one position may be a liability for another position.

Reports are generally three pages in length and are broken up into the following categories:

+   Major Assets
+   Developmental Needs
+   Summary and Recommendations

Here is what prior candidates have said about our assessment process:

92% say that the office staff are friendly and helpful.

97% say that the psychologists are professional.

Quotes from prior candidates:

+   I never did this before and was nervous beforehand.
+   Eager to see the results.
+   I felt that the assessment was insightful and accurate. The staff was very helpful and friendly.
+   The setting was comfortable and relaxed.
+   I enjoyed learning about my strengths/weaknesses.
+   Efficient process. No time was wasted.
+   Rapid turnaround of results.
+   I thought it was an interesting process overall and enjoyed the feedback.

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